We Make Change!

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 We Make Change!

In our world we always had multiple problem and as we being human that we are, either we try to avoid it or gossip about it. Very few of us are actually working for betterment of earth. That’s the different part that it didn’t really get work 100%. Because problem makers are numerous and problem solvers are few.

In the 1950s, large scale production of nuclear weapons meant that a few world leaders gained, for the first time, the ability to kill hundreds of millions of people. As technology improves and the world economy grows, it gets easier to cause biggest life threats to the earth and humans.

In the 21st century, there is growing movement working to address these issues. As we don’t know what is getting wrong recently but this year happen to had all the natural disaster from the very beginning of the year, and we have whole year to come yet. Starting from Australian bush fire, People were onto world war III and talking about the war like its just piece of cake. Good thing it didn’t get implemented but after few weeks we got major problem worldwide which is “New Virus” release from the country who was ready for world war III in the first place. The deadliest virus got spread in the world like it’s a some sort fungus which spreading faster than any of us ever thought and killed numerous people. What those people do to deserve this. Nothing. Multiple problems occur because of this virus. People who used to get leverage, loose their job and trying to survive now. Government giving assurance to do their best but it wasn’t enough. Lockdown affected some people who used to go out. Multiple problems were happen to come at us as bombshell. And we trying to defend it. Its kind of war that no army can tackle to. Every citizen of every country is their own soldiers. Our saviors now who trying their best in these crises are suppliers, doctors, nurses, police and military for that matter.

Another big problem that we always had is our eco system. Change in climate is big problem which affects daily livelihood. Plastic never get dispose in environment it affects our eco system and animals who ate it unknowingly and dies because of our mistakes. Government suggested to not use plastic and it work for few weeks but later as the human we are, we started to use it again despite the fact that we knew it’s harmful for us and ecosystem including poor animals. Some people understand the problem and started to use stuff which is alternatives for Plastic.

Positivity is a key to the happy life but in 21st era, Teenagers and Youngsters are suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts while they are trying to fit in this competitive world. Teenagers trying to fit in social group unknowingly the fact that their own creativity and thought of mind makes them unique but as per the society want everyone to fit in. these kids try everything they can to do it. Youngster’s in their mid-20s trying to seek opportunity, make efforts to pursue secure carrier, which ultimately cause depression them. Then invest their half of time to councilor or therapist. Is this really a future of us? We can change it if individual change their set of mind and try to be positive and not give up on their strengths. They got power of change in the world if they use it.

One of the global problems includes ice melting from North Pole which might cause biggest natural disaster in future. That because of the temperature of the world is highly increasing continuously due to air pollution which occur because of the multiple organization and factories who lose this problematic and polluted air in the environment. And for the add up to the temperature people causing is from traffic pollutions, firecrackers and what so. Humans are just making it worst by releasing more gas in the environment.

This is an insight to the few global problem that we are tackling right now. In other global problem we have poverty, economic crises, educational crises, inequality not to mention Ignorance, discrimination and illusion of separation.

If there is problem there is solution. If all the great leaders and countries work together we can tackle this together. As the famous quote says “unity is strength” if we made a mess we can fix it. It can’t be only theoretical we need practical implementation in order to make this world a great place again for us and for future.

If we decide we can do it,

Just have a faith in yourself and love our world little bit more, hate won’t take us nowhere but hell.

We make change.

Name: Avantika Bhalani

Age: 21

Email: missavanti17@gmail.com